Reno County authorities have closed rural roads north of Hutchinson due to high water.

High water on 95th Avenue from Dean to Sallee; Sallee from 82nd to 95th, and Wilson from 69th to 82nd, forced officials to close the roads. Other road closures include 69th from Wilson to Pennington, Pennington Road from Nickerson Blvd. to 43rd and 43rd from Pennington to Hendricks.

Reno County Emergency Management added the following roads to closings: 50th St. from Pennington to Wilson, Wilson from 82nd to 95th, 95th from Sallee to Wilson, Sallee from 95th to 108th, Pennington from 56th to 69th and Pennington from 43rd to 50th.

On Tuesday, June 17, Reno County Emergency Management also closed Salt Marsh from US 50 to Red Rock road.

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In nearby Rice County, water crossed the road in Highway 14 between Lyons and Sterling.