Wichita Police are looking for a man they say tried to steal a car by pretending to pick it up for a safety recall. His intended victim was the Wichita Public School District.

School security told Eyewitness News the man called the district's data center in downtown Wichita and said he was coming in from a dealership to pick up the vehicle for a recall.

"Had researched the case enough to be able to give a description of the car along with a tag number," said Terri Moses, Executive Director of Security for USD 259. "So had really gone to work to make this seem like it was a legitimate call."

Despite that, Moses says employees were immediately suspicious. They knew any recalls should be handled by the school's motor pool, not the dealer.

"I think it shows that people are paying attention to the media. They know recall is a very common word out there right now and is certainly something that could have been happening," she said.

A call to the dealership confirmed the school employees' suspicions, the caller wasn't for real. When he showed up to get the car school employees wouldn't give it to him.

"I give them great credit for that," said Moses. "But again, a very brazen attempt at a theft."

The district says, right after calling police, it sent out a notice to all employees, warning them of what had happened, so no one could try this same trick anywhere else.

Moses also says anytime a claim is too outrageous, it should be checked out.

The district did get some surveillance video of the would-be thief when he came to pick up the car. That video is now with investigators.