SALINA, Kan. -

Salina firefighters are looking into a cause after a fire damaged a home in the south part of town.

Crews were called to the 2300 block of Shalimar shortly after 11 p.m. Thursday. Salina dispatchers said crews were still working on putting the fire out about an hour later.

Neighbors called us saying they could see smoke and flames from a few blocks away. One of the neighbors alerted the homeowner about the blaze, and helped them escape.

Investigators said the fire started after the homeowner discarded fireworks. The fireworks were placed in a cardboard box, placed inside the garage, then caught fire.

Most of the fire was sustained to the garage.

In a separate incident, firefighters were called to a fire at the abandoned Flamingo Hotel at 2nd and Pacific overnight. It was a four-alarm fire.

The cause and damage estimate is not known at this time. No one was hurt.