SALINA,Kan.- -

A Salina man has been found guilty of a hit and run accident that killed a bicyclist.

A jury convicted Dennis Grider of striking and killing Gail Kline last May while she was biking in a race. Kline was separated from the group riding on Crawford street when she was struck.

Grider testified Thursday, claiming he didn't see her at all on the road. He said he thought he hit a deer.

Grider said once he heard and felt a "shudder" he pulled off to see the damage to his work car. He said he then turned around and drove back to the scene to see if he could find the deer. He found nothing, and kept driving, he told the jury.

One eyewitness testified that he saw Grider in the ditch next to Kline and her bike. He said Grider was on the phone. After looking through phone records, prosecutors determined no calls made by Grider's phone were to 911.

Grider's defense attorney argued, what the eyewitness saw was not plausible. His attorney said Grider was already back on the road continuing his deliveries for work at that time. 

Grider's vision was a major concern in the case. Grider's eye doctor testified and said he has had several eye surgeries prior to the accident and he has severe retina damage in his right eye. 

"Prosecutor: At no point when you were driving down Crawford did you see Mrs. Kline?
Grider: No ma'am.
Prosecutor: At no point driving down Crawford did you see a 180 pound women?
Grider: No ma'am I did not."

Grider said he heard about the bicycle accident on the radio later that day and wondered if he was one who did it. He still didn't contact authorities. That night, officers arrested Grider at his home.

He is charged with vehicular homicide and leaving a scene that resulted in injury or death. Grider's sentencing will be on Oct. 20.