Salina neighborhood must either boil or buy its water

POSTED: 07:26 AM CDT Oct 30, 2013    UPDATED: 03:00 PM CDT Oct 30, 2013 
Water bottles
SALINA, Kan. -

About 200 people north of Salina can't just turn on their faucet and drink their water.

"If we want to boil the water you have to boil it and let it cool," Joann Hull said. "We, as a rule, don't boil it - we just buy bottled water."

The Hulls are just one of the families under a boil advisory from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. It's because of problems with chlorine levels in the Howison Heights Water District System.

It's gone on for nearly three weeks.

"You take the shower and you can smell it," Hull said. "You can do a load of laundry and it smells like poured bleach - and you know you didn't put bleach in there."

Tim Howison owns and operates the water system and says he's been working on the problem.

"We are working daily to fix it," he said, "and I think we are getting very close."

But customers are getting frustrated as prices have also increased in the past few months. But Howison said the increase is necessary.

We called the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, which told us tests are being sent in monthly to check water safety.