SALINA, Kan.- -

Some changes are coming to schools in Salina. It's part of a 110 million dollar bond issue, approved earlier this year.

Teachers and community leaders in Salina, spent time Thursday looking at diagrams, timelines and lists to help start the process for school renovations. Salina voters approved the 110 million bond for school improvements that include storm shelters and more space.

William Hall is the superintendent of Salina Public Schools and says over 70 million of that total bond will be going to both high schools, which need the most improvements.

"We had tremendous input from our community as to what they believe to be important about how best to improve the schools for the school system as well for the Salina community," says Hall.

Community members spent more than 16 hours over the past two days on planning out the design process. School officials say they are over planning because they can't afford to do it wrong.

Hall says they are excited to get things started early next week on the designs and they plan to actually start those renovations in early 2015.