SALINA, Kan. -

The hot temperatures has many schools making sure students are safe while playing outside.

Cottonwood Elementary School in Salina already has ways to protect students from the heat while at recess.

Kyle Griffitts is the Principle of Cottonwood Elementary and says the students safety is their number one priority, especially when it's hot outside.

"With starting school in mid August we know that Kansas is very hot and will be for the next month," says Griffitts.

This means more monitoring outside during recess for teachers. Griffitts says the staff knows when the temperatures outside go up, so do the temperatures on the playground equipment.

Mikki Rouse is a second grade teacher at the school who monitors her class during recess.

"We also keep our recesses to about fifteen minutes so we aren't out for a long time to get them overheated. We also check the playground equipment periodically, especially in the afternoon, so if it's too hot we don't allow them to go down the slides,"says Rouse.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports kids can get a second degree burn from playground equipment that is too hot. The agency says it not only includes metal pieces of equipment, but also plastic ones.

Mr. Griffitts says the school has relatively new equipment and it's covered in heat reducing paint.

Griffitts says they try to have recess time before noon and make sure kids are drinking plenty of water to stay cool and hydrated.

"I mean it's hot out there for adults as well, but having the time factor for fifteen minutes or less tends to help with that," says Griffitts.

Thermal burns form equipment can also happen when it's cool outside. The CPSC says for parents to watch out for non-coated metal equipment and dark colored plastics because those tend to be hotter.