The Saline County Commissioners have rescinded the county-wide burn ban that began March 18. It was extended several times due to dry conditions that posed a hazard.

The ban prohibited all outdoor burning in the county. The recent precipitation over the weekend has helped to lower the fire danger, allowing conditions to be more favorable to reduce the risk fires posses according to Saline County Emergency Management in a press release sent out Tuesday.

The warm, dry and windy weather conditions created an extreme fire hazard in the grass and crop lands of Saline County beginning in mid-March and lasting until mid-May.

Even though the ban has been lifted, residents are still advised to use caution when performing outdoor burns due to the severe drought conditions throughout Kansas.

The county says there are still regulations that need to be followed:

  • Wind speeds must be 15 mph or below
  • Residents must call 1 hour before the start of the burn
  • Open burns can be conducted between sunrise and sunset unless given special permission
  • The burn must be supervised at all times
  • There must be a fire guard for field burning
  • Fire can't cause a smoke nuisance or hazard to neighboring property or persons

It was difficult for firefighters to control fires once started and was feared to strain resources.

Some of items that were banned include burning fence rows, fields, wild lands, ravines, debris, waste, household trash, open fires and careless smoking. Those who are residents in the county still need to obtain a burn permit. You can find that on the Saline County Website.

If you have any questions about the burn ban being rescinded, contact the Saline County Dispatch Center at 785-826-7210 or the Emergency Management Office at 785-826-6511.