Some Saline County voters will have to cast their ballots at new sites this year.

About a year and a half ago, the Salina School district decided to not host any more voting sites. In the past, nine district buildings had been used during election time. The main reason for the change, according to the district, is security.

“We can’t really check anyone, because everyone has the right to vote as long as they’re registered,” superintendent Bill Hall said. “We would have a steady stream of folks who would come into the school. They just wouldn’t stay at the office. They could, literally, go anywhere in the building.”

The county clerk says the change will affect more than 10,000 voters and forced him to change or combine a number of voting sites for several precincts.

“What I did is look at the numbers of the presidential turnout, the actual numbers of turnout,” county clerk Don Merriman said. “I tried to make sure we’re not going overwhelm  a particular location.”

Merriman says he’s sent out letters to voters and will post signs on the school buildings to remind voters to go to the new sites.

The Cottonwood school site will move to St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church. The Sunset School will move to the Friendship Center.  Both the University United Methodist Church and the South Middle School sites will go to University United Methodist Church. Cross Point Baptist Church and Heartland Programs voters will have to go to Church of the Cross. Oakdale School sites will be at the Carver Center. The USD #305 Administration Office site will be moved to Kenwood Hall. The Meadowlark Ridge School site will be in First Covenant Church. Heusner School voters will go to First Baptist church. The Grace Stewart School site will be at St. Mary’s School.

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