ST. LOUIS, Mo. -

Scalping is one of the oldest ways to get tickets in the books. After chasing this story for a while through a few agitated scalpers we finally came across a few who found buying and selling today to be rather difficult.

"This is the hardest, toughest and roughest ticket I've ever seen before," said Pete Williams.

He's been a scalper outside the Scottrade Center since the arena opened back in 1991 and this has tournament has been one of the toughest he's come across when dealing in his business.

You don't have to take economics 101. The easiest lesson in supply-and-demand is right in front of the Scottrade Center scalping for the 3rd round of the NCAA tournament.

"It could go on for quite few minutes," Tom Stoll said regarding bartering for tickets. "I mean it could go for 15 minutes and going between a number of different scalpers. It just depends. There is a lot of negotiation that goes on."

Stoll and his family are Ohio State fans trying to buy tickets to watch the Wichita State Shockers take on the Kentucky Wildcats. But it's those two teams and their fan bases that are driving these ticket prices.

"The problem is the UK fans," Stoll said. "Kentucky fans run the show pretty much. Since that game is the second game instead of the first game they are still selling those games at a premium. So that's what drives it."

So the Kentucky fans drive these scalpers but are they hard to deal with?

"They are not hard to deal with they are just spoiled," said Michael Mack, another scalper. "They want the best seats and the best seats in the house. If you don't have any lower level seats there is no sense in talking to a Kentucky fan."

Thanks to Wichita State's historic run, everyone wants their ticket to the big show.

"The tickets over here are harder to get and get rid of for Wichita than I ever have," said Williams. "They went undefeated and set an NCAA record at 34-0 and they are expected to beat Kentucky today so those tickets are going really high."

Its usually the best way to go for those Ohio State fans but today has been more challenging than normal.

"For example, on Friday we were able to get two rows from the floor for $100 a ticket right behind the Stanford bench," said Stoll.

And today that won't be the case.