Students at Enders Open Magnet in S. Wichita were evacuated Friday morning after a possible grenade was found in a student's backpack. 

It happened shortly after 10 at the school in the 3000 block of S. Osage.

"One student found out that another student had brought this in a backpack," said USD 259 Spokewoman Susan Arensman. "There were no threats made, there was nothing that said I'm going to blow up the school, nothing of that nature."

Police determined the device to be a "dummy grenade" and not an active explosive, so students were allowed back into the school a short time later.

Police say the youngster won't face any charges related to the incident.

"We had one of the bomb squad members come down here just to make sure that everything was okay," said WPD Lt. EJ Bastian. "It's not against the law to have one of those things so all we can do is make a report. Poor little guy, he's got to go home."