Wichita, Kan. -

One man is in police custody and another in the hospital after a shooting in South Wichita.

Security camera video at La Tapatia Market captured the shooting. What it didn't catch is why a man driving in his truck with his wife and eight year old daughter stopped to confront a man riding his bike on the sidewalk.

The video shows a a 39-year-old man pull his truck into the the parking lot of a little strip mall off Seneca just North of May Street. That man is Luis Leon-Olmos.

The owner of La Tapatia Market, who caught the shooting on his security camera, says Leon-Olmos comes into his market just about every day. He says Olmos is a quiet guy with no problems.

That's why he was shocked when he saw Olmos get out of his pick-up truck to confront a 28 year old man on a bicycle.

Police say the two were involved in a road rage incident and a near collision, but the security video doesn't show that.

What it shows is Olmos getting out of his truck to confront the cyclist.

"There was an argument that occurred which led to the suspect in the case pulling a fire arm, which he was carrying on his hip and shooting one time and striking the victim in the face," said Lt. Jeff Gilmore with Wichita PD.

Moments after the shooting the suspect, identified through jail records as Jonathan Newcomb - rode his bike south on Seneca. Witnesses followed him and led police right to him just a few blocks away.

Gilmore says officers fought with Newcomb, tased him, then arrested him.

Steve Carron works near where the shooting happened.

"I've lived in this general area all my life and I personally haven't had any problems, but you can see how some things are changing," said Carron.

"My advice to drivers would be to...do not engage in road rage incidence. Keep to yourself. Don't pay attention to someone that's acting aggressively towards you and immediately call 911 for assistance," said Gilmore.

Olmos is still in the hospital in what police says is stable condition. He is expected to survive.

Police say Newcomb was legally carrying his weapon,holstered and on his hip. He's been arrested on suspicion of attempted 1st degree murder.