Whether it has you worried or not, the measles outbreak has people around Wichita talking.

"I've had them before," said Art Peterson of Wichita. "I don't think you can get them again."

"It's surprising they're back and they're so contagious," said Art's wife. "I'm a school teacher so if school was going on that would be a whole different story."

"I have some friends who just had a baby, they made sure everyone who came to see them at the hospital were vaccinated," said Joni Janda, who was out with her four grandchildren, one of which is too young to be vaccinated. "I feel like they should all be vaccinated and everyone who comes in contact with them should be vaccinated, especially with the baby."

The Sedgwick County Health Department has teamed up with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to try and track each case of the measles.

"This is extremely important that we stay on top of this and keep it from spreading to other people as much as we can," said Adrienne Byrne-Lutz, interim director of the SCHD. "We begin investigating where they've been, who they could have possibly exposed in their period of exposure because people are contagious four days before and four days after they get the rash. If businesses were involved, the businesses are contacted about possible exposure to their patrons."

So far, three Wichita businesses have been flagged as possible exposure points.

Sal's Japanese Steakhouse was the first to be flagged. Health officials said three employees had the virus, one of which caught it in Kansas City. A baby of one of the restaurant's patrons also caught the virus. (Dates of possible exposure: June 20, 23, 25, 29, July 3, 5, and July 7)

South Lakes Sports Complex was also flagged because someone with the virus was there on July 4th. Eight teams from Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Texas attended a softball tournament there. (Dates of possible exposure: July 4th)

The latest exposure point is Sumo by Nambara where an employee found out that he too had the measles. The owner told Eyewitness News that the employee was going to the doctor to get his vaccination, but instead found out he was already carrying the virus. (Dates of possible exposure: July 11 and July 12th)