After being understaffed for years, the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office is stepping up efforts to hire more deputies to work in the Detention Facility.

Sedgwick County has 40 open positions within the Detention Facility and officials there say it's one of the worst cases of understaffing it's ever had.

The short-staffing problem isn't a new one, though. Lt. David Mattingly with Sedgwick County said almost all corrections facilities have low-retention rates for its employees. There are two main reasons for the low retention rates: those hired don't like the job and quit or hired detention deputies are often hired out of that office to work for another law enforcement agency.

Even though Sedgwick County is short 40 detention deputies, that doesn't mean the jail is ever under-manned. That just means current employees are working overtime to make sure all the shifts are covered and that's why the county is so concerned.

"The concern is just the fatigue on the current staff. They're having to work extra shifts because we don't leave any part of the building unmanned while we're short right now," said Cpt. Jared Schechter with the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office. "We have people doing overtime, and working extra shifts and being mandatory. It's just the burnout of the current staff is what our concern is."

Sedgwick County is starting a new recruit class on July 28th, but is still facing a shortage of qualified applicants. Officials with the county believe the additional shortage now may be due to a lack of advertising for the available jobs, which they've tried to fix by advertising more and using social media.

For more information about applying, go to or contact the Training Academy at (316) 660-3800.