(Anthony, Kan.) -

It's not something Kansans thought they would need, but now many are taking precautions by getting earthquake insurance.

Just this past week there have been several earthquakes felt in south-central Kansas. Many insurance companies are reporting a surge in the number of people buying policies.

Phillip Hill purchased earthquake insurance policies for all three of his businesses.  Wednesday, he purchased one for his home after several small earthquakes in Harper County.

"You know you gotta have something to fall back on, if it happens and you don't have earthquake insurance, where would you be?" he said.

Local insurance companies like American Family Insurance and State Farm Insurance say their agents have seen an uptick in the number of people asking about those policies.

"Just a couple of years ago when people saw that was an endorsement, they laughed about it, but it's actually just picked up in the last year or two since we've started having earthquakes," said Wes Higgs, American Family Insurance agent.

State Farm says about 12 percent of its clients purchased the option with their homeowner's insurance, and coverage has doubled in neighboring states like Oklahoma and Missouri.

At American Family, Higgs says he too has seen an increase:  About 1 in 10  homeowners now have the earthquake coverage.

Since Wednesday's earthquake, he's written 3 more policies.

Hill says everyone should take these earthquakes seriously.

Insurance companies tell Eyewitness News there is a 30-day moratorium on writing policies after an earthquake that measures 5.0 on the Richter scale.

The highest reported earthquake in Harper County this week measured 3.4.