Some fans shake pompoms, others hold signs, but hundreds of Shocker faithful are getting their hands on something else this year. A slew of local sisters are special making the accessory you're bound to see all over St. Louis.

It takes nearly five hours a piece of stuffing, gluing, and stitching to make their Shocker sensation. "We call it WeWu," said Patricia Becker.

Becker, her six sisters, and sister-in-law make up a team of quilters turned puppet makers. Their business is called Seven and a Half Sisters Quilting and More.

Three years ago, they started making puppets and eventually came up with a toy fit for fans that comes alive inside the Roundhouse. "We did have a Frankenstein puppet in our inventory and we kind of modified that a little bit to come up with the wheat shocker," said Becker.

But Becker says when you put your hand inside the puppet, you never know what might happen. "The puppet kind of becomes your alter ego a little bit, or that other personality that you have," said Becker.

"When you go to the games and you've got this hair going crazy, you're not the crazy person. It's the puppet that's the crazy person."

With nearly 450 orders, the sisters feel a little crazy too. "Everything has to take a backseat. I mean your personal life, everything takes a back seat to trying to get this done," said Becker.

They hope to watch Wichita State get a championship trophy with the help of a WeWu. "That's the joy of it. That's the pleasure I get because who else can look at a sporting event and say I made that," said Becker.

WeWu is made in Kansas by seven and a half pairs of hands to go on a hand of every Shocker fan.

They plan to have at least 100 of their orders filled before the tournament starts.

The WeWu puppets cost $30 and can be purchased on their Facebook page or by texting Patricia Becker at (316) 640-2835.