The Shockers are on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Again.

But, surprise, it's the fans not the team this time. And not even they knew what was going on at first.

"One of our sorority sisters does some marketing stuff for the basketball team," said Amanda Johnson.  "And so it was on Monday night, at one of our formal meetings, she, like, pulled girls aside and asked girls to come the next day for a photo shoot. But she didn't tell us it was for Sports Illustrated until we came."

Now, they're Sports Illustrated cover models.

The Shocker cover is one of six regional covers, each decorated with screaming fans surrounding favorite players, past and present.

"It's really exciting for everybody in the community to get involved as well," said Zoey Green.

Sorority sisters Tram Ngo, Amanda Johnson and Zoey Green are just three of more than a dozen Shockers fans on the latest cover of Sports Illustrated.

Already off on spring break, they spoke with Eyewitness News via Skype about their experience. It was a big secret.

"They wouldn't let us take pictures at the shoot," said Green.

"They didn't want to show anything beforehand, before it came out or anything," added Ngo.

On the cover the fans are screaming like crazy, just like they do at games.  Except, there was no game.

"It was really fun," said Ngo. "It was definitely kind of weird because it was just no one around us. And it was just one small group of people in one giant arena."

"It was a lot of fun doing the shoot," added Johnson. "It was hard to get in the action because we're not actually watching a game or anything."

But the three are proud to have become a part of Shocker history.

"It was really exciting to know what we were doing, what we were going to be on and just seeing other WSU students around us," said Ngo.

"This is just the beginning," added Johnson.

All those Shocker supporters on the cover surround several well known faces to WSU fans, current and past, including Tekele Cotton, Antoine Carr and Xavier McDaniel.