SALINA, Kan. -

With the Shrine Bowl coming up this weekend, teams have to compete with the heat at practice.

The sun beat down on the west team players in their morning practice Tuesday. After a cool start to camp on Friday, the Kansas summer is back in full force. Because of the heat, the team is practicing in the morning and evening. They take frequent water breaks to keep the players hydrated.

“These guys are the only ones getting the reps,” head coach Steve Martin said. “There’s no scout players. There’s nothing. We’ve got to water down a lot or we’ll run the ragged.”

While helmets and pads aren't exactly comfortable summer attire, the players say sweating it out in the heat is something they've gotten used to in their years of playing football.

“You’ve just got to get your mind in the right place,” Patrick Dugan of Bishop Carrol said. “You totally forget about the pads and the helmet.”

The Shrine Bowl is Saturday in Pitsburgh.