Police in Dodge City have arrested six people after finding them selling alcohol out of their homes.

Dodge City Police Chief Craig Mellecker say the arrests come after a month-long investigation involving the Kansas Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Search warrants were executed on four homes in Dodge City on Sunday. Those arrested were charged with multiple counts of Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor, Evasion of Liquor Tax, Selling Alcohol with No License, and Nuisances of Places and Property.

Two of the six arrested were also charged with Aggravated Endangerment of a Child and Contributing to a Child’s Misconduct, due to allowing their minor child to sell alcohol for them.

Police say they also confiscated 247 single cans of alcoholic liquor, (14) 12 packs of alcoholic liquor, (27) 30 packs of alcoholic liquor, and 2 single bottles of alcoholic liquor (Tequila) - along with four chest freezers and $2,711.67 in cash