It was a gorgeous day to be at the lake Friday, but at least at one campsite there weren't even as many people enjoying El Dorado Lake as last year, when the lake was going dry because of drought.

"We're just going to go on some jet skis, have some water fun, grill out," said Sage Thompson who'd just arrived at the lake for the day with some friends.

Jacob Beery, who's camping out, had similar plans. "We're riding stand-ups and wearing ourselves out doing it."

Brent Mikel Warren summed up his plans in four words, "Hanging out, having fun."

Sun, comfortable weather, a full lake combine to make the perfect prescription for the long Fourth of July holiday weekend. But by Friday afternoon many campsites were still empty.

Warren and his family were at the lake last year, too. They say, it's no comparison.

"This place, you could barely even see the lake with how many boats there were and all the campsites were completely packed," said Warren. "It was a blast!"

It's not the lake itself scaring people away. After heavy drought last year, spring rains have brought the water levels back to normal.

"We've had so much rain," said Thompson. "It's great. I'm happy for that."

That's brought in some folks who haven't picked El Dorado Lake before.

"Here, the water's actually up. At Wilson (Lake) the water is really down there," said Jody Koenigsman. Water is a big part of her family's holiday celebrations. "Water being up always helps. Gives you more places to play."

But many others who usually come have stayed home this year, at least on the first day of the three day holiday weekend.

"I don't see why there ain't more people out here," said Warren, who speculates the problem could be the economy forcing folks to stay home.