This 4th of July, it's red, white and green.

"We had a group of guys who came in from a party and I know they dropped a couple thousand dollars on fireworks," said Jacob Marietta, manager of Wholesale Fireworks in Andover.

While the average American family will spend $20-30 on fireworks for the holiday, other go big.

"I'm going to spend about $300-400," said Rex Reiss, checking out of Wholesale Fireworks. "Actually, this is cheap this year. Last year I spent about $800.

 "More than the wife wants us to, that's for sure," said another shopper with a cart full of large displays.

Others on KWCH Eyewitness News' Facebook page admitted to spending up to $5,000 this year on their fireworks show for their friends, family or neighborhood.

"You see people we call 'fuse buyers' they buy a lot of little stuff and just go crazy," said Marietta. "Then there are guys who come in and load up on the big stuff and they're putting on a show."

The most pricey firework assortment at Wholesale Fireworks cost nearly $800 and workers say it was sold out in just a few days. Many customers there said they don't mind spending some extra cash because much of it goes back to the community.

"It goes to support activities at Kapaun Schools," said Marvin Estes, a teacher there who volunteers his time selling fireworks during the week of July 4th.

"Money goes to their sports teams and their facilities," said Marietta. "We have 60 in the metro area and they are almost exclusively run by non-profits, baseball teams, churches, all sorts of things."

Americans will likely spend $600 million this year on fireworks, much of that will be used during private displays in backyards and in neighborhoods.