A County Clerk is calling a ballot issue in McPherson County an honest mistake, but some are saying that isn't the case.

A woman running as a Democrat for the Superior Township Committee says her name wasn't on the election ballot. Ellen Neufeld says she turned in all of the proper paperwork and completed all of the necessary requirements to run for the seat.

"I noted that on the Democratic precinct committeewoman line there was no name and my name should have been there," Neufeld said.

Neufeld tells Eyewitness News that she alerted the County Clerk, Cathy Schmidt, to the situation, but they told her nothing could be done.

Neufeld also called the Treasury of the McPherson County Democrats about the issue. The treasurer,  Ryon Carey, says two other Democratic candidates in Galva were also omitted from city ballots.

We reached out to the Secretary of State's office about what happened. They say they are aware of the issue and have discussed with with a party official, the County Clerk and County Counselor.

They say they are working to define the problem and provide options under the law to those who want to consider pursuing them.