As the Kansas State Fair starts to set up for it's 101st year, there's a lot of new food and features that you may want to check out. The fair runs Sept. 5th through the 14th.

"Food is always a big topic for the fair and this year will be no different," said Denny Stoecklein, General Manager of the Kansas State Fair. "People like to experiment on frying anything, we have a few of our vendors that were on an episode of "Deep Fried Masters" so they get identified for what they do."

The new flavors include deep fat fried jello, deep fat fried Klondike bars and deep fat fried Nutella. Also, bacon wrapped pork chop on a stick and frosted flake fried chicken on a stick.

"The fair is like a holiday, we always do things and eat things that we shouldn't," said Stoecklein. "At least at the fair you are walking and getting some exercise too."

The most noticeably new feature is Lair White House, a building right next to the Domestic Arts building. On the bottom floor it will have a museum.

"Last year was our 100th birthday, so this gives us an opportunity to share some of our 100 years of history," he said. "Focusing this year on the year of the clown, in honor of Bardo the Clown who was a part of the fair for nearly 70 years."

The man who played Bardo the Clown passed away last year at 93.

Other items you may want to check out is the Energy expo exhibit by the Kansas Corporation Commission. It's located in the Ad Astra building on the fairgrounds. The exhibit will talk about renewable power, oil and gas, utilities, energy efficiency and transportation issues.

At Gottschalk Park there will be a daredevil high dive show three times a day.

"The highest perch from where they'll dive from will be 80 feet in the air, diving into a pool that is a little less than 10 feet deep," said Stoecklein.

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