A stolen motorcycle was found despite the thief repainting the bike to hide identifying marks.

The owner says it was taken last Friday when it was parked in a parking garage while he and a friend went to the Black Top Nationals. When they got back, the motorcycle was gone.

It was found four days later with black spray paint and black electrical tape covering white emblems on the bike. The owner says a lot of other external and internal damage was done as well.

"I went to get a parts list of all the parts it will need to put it back to where it was before, and it was 4,700 dollars so far, that's just without the helmet or exhaust," the owner of the bike, Levi Hobart said.

Police identified the bike by the VIN number. Hobart says it will take at least six months to get the bike in good enough condition to ride once again.

No one has been arrested yet in this case.