Stories of survival surface as residents of Baxter Springs realize what they went through. Witnesses say the tornado was two blocks wide as it swept through the town.

"The house just lifted, and then it slammed down," Katherine Cusick, survivor of the tornado said. "When my babies were in my arms and they were scared and they were screaming and they were shaking."

Cusick says she grabbed her children and hid in a bathtub, pinning the children down for safety.

"My babies were like, mom, you're hurting me. And I'm like I'm sorry baby, but mommy's got to pin you."

The wall, toilet, sink and everything except for the tub was destroyed in the bathroom according to Cusick. Now the family is thinking about the future, not what they went through.

"Material items can be replaced," Cusick said. "Your family can never be replaced."