A fawn struggled to find higher ground after rising waters left it stranded near a storm drain in Kansas City.

Firefighters guess the fawn wandered into a nearby stream and was swept down the creek. Three bystanders came to the baby deer's rescue, as the animal waited for the flood waters to recede.

Rescue crews tried twice to save the deer, but firefighters say every time they tried to go near it, it ran away in the direction of the water flow, putting it and other rescue teams at risk of being swept away.

So crews stopped. They then tried again with a rope, but the deer ran away from it.

After crews left and the waters went down, a man jumped in. He too had troubles coaxing the little fawn to safety. The baby deer finally realized it had no choice but to swim back to the strangers.

One of the men grabbed the fawn's leg, pulling it out of the water. A woman helped the men up a concrete wall and through a thick brush. All formed a chain to pull each other out.

The strangers took the cold, but otherwise unharmed, fawn to the Lakeside Nature Center, where authorities take in wildlife. Veterinarians will look over the deer, make sure it's okay, and hopefully release it to find its mother.

WATCH video of the rescue here