It was a hot and hectic Sunday for area fire fighters, after multiple grass fires spark along a busy highway.

"They have reported fires strung all the way from El Dorado to Greenwich road and 254 highway on the west," said Sedgwick County Division Chief Stewart Segraves.

The El Dorado Fire Chief says a BBQ grill in the back of a pick up truck driving down highway likely caused all of those grass fires.

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Large flames and heavy smoke billowed into the air near 127th street north, after a pile of brush and tree limbs caught fire.

Crews spent hours trying to get the blaze under control, but the strong winds were not helping.

Not only does the fire travel fast and in kind of an erratic behavior, but also just the heat conditions today is what affects the fire fighters," Segraves said.

Multiple crews worked together to put out the various different fires. So many grass fires sparked along highway 254, crews couldn't keep count.

At one point, we saw two men trying to put out the flames themselves.

"Just driving around, going home and there was like 10 of them down the street," said Shawn Nassar who stopped to put out flames near Butler Road.

"There was a State Trooper up the road putting one out and and I saw the smoke up the hill, so I figured I would jump on it," said Alan Beard who also helped.

Both men used items from their cars to try to fight the fire, Beard had a blanket, Nassar used a floor mat.

Eventually the two got help from a fire truck who doused the hot spots with water.

"Like I said it wasn't a big deal to help and it is just the right thing to do," Beard said.

Neither man knew each other before the met on the highway. Beard stuck around longer to make sure the fire didn't flare up again.

No structures were burned in these fires, but we're told flames did destroy one tractor.

Fire crews also spent time putting out a fire southeast of Potwin, in the 9600 block of NW Highway 196, around 1:40 p.m. Sunday.

Scanner traffic indicated at least one structure burned to the ground. Dispatchers said the town was under a brief evacuation.

No one was hurt. The cause of that fire has not been released.