A new study on Kansas high school athletes is challenging the stereotype of the "jock."

The report from the University of Kansas shows student-athletes actually performed better in the classroom. They weighed higher state assessment scores, graduation rates,and lower dropout rates over their peers that were non-athletes.

The study took a look at high school athletes from the 2011-2012 school year. In Kansas there were 36,000 boys and 39,000 girls participating in sports. Almost 3 percent of non-athletes dropped out of school, compared to 0.2 percent of athletes.

More than 97 percent of student-athletes graduated.

The study's authors say they don't believe playing sports makes students smarter, but the lessons learned in athletics, combined with knowing they must do well in school to participate improves students' chances for success.

Students must pass at least five credit hours per semester to be eligible to compete in sports in Kansas.