The husband and wife behind Fizz Burgers and Bottles pride themselves on freshness.

"It's wonderful. We grind our own meat in house. It's a double grind. We patty our own meat. The burgers are just great,” Stacy Kreager said.

Stacy will use some of those items to help us test the "StufZ." It’s a device you use to shape a raw hamburger. Then, it helps you stuff ingredients in the middle. The celebrity chef behind "StufZ" says it's easy to use, too. We bought one for $9.99.  That does not include shipping and handling.

Initially, the red device puzzles Stacy. But she gets right to work, following the instructions. They say to use a heaping one-third cup for the device. Stacy puts the raw beef inside the "StufZ." Then she closes it and waits for a click.

Stacy takes a look inside and says the meat isn’t quite formed yet. So she closes the “StufZ” several more times before a pocket is formed. Next, she fills it up ... with stuff!

"We have a combination of blue cheese and crumbled bacon here,” Stacy said.

Stacy seals the top part of the burger.    

"There's a little bit on this side.  Some mushroom and bacon,” Stacy said.

On the grill, Stacy cooks the burger with a lid on, mimicking how the meat might cook on the grill.

Stacy tries to make another hamburger, but she has problems with the meat sticking to the device, it not snapping shut, and the meat not shaping properly.

After washing it again, with some help from her husband and some non-stick spray, Stacy finishes her second stuffed burger and puts it on the grill.

"It looks pretty good,” Stacy said.

Both burgers take about 15 minutes to cook. So, what's this burger lover think of the "StufZ" stuffed hamburger?

"I think we got a finished product that worked out pretty well. It was a lot of work to get there,” Stacy said.

Does it work?

"Yes, if you’re strong enough,” Stacy said.