Update: Today (September 17) is Prestun's birthday! His family provided an update on his progress this morning through his Facebook page.  They say he's looking forward to seeing all of the superhero birthday cards people sent him.

Head to his Facebook page to wish him Happy Birthday


Prestun Seibel is just days away from celebrating his 5th birthday and like most boys his age, he wants everything super hero.

"His favorite is Batman," said his mom Tiffany Seibel. "Everything as you can see is Batman, Batman shirt, Batman shoes, Batman blanket."

Prestun was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma September of 2012. His parents, Matt and Tiffany, are with him now in New York City after new severe complications sparked up a few weeks ago.

"A week ago I was told my son was going to die, so living proof that miracles happen and he's here. Maybe not feeling the greatest, but he's here," she said.
"It's scary that there's no cure, and to be told several times that he might not make it. It's hard because again this could be his last birthday and I don't know what's going to happen."

Just one more reason to make sure his 5th birthday is memorable.

"He said for my birthday I'd like to see all the superheroes around the world."

His parents turned to Facebook, asking people to send cards telling Prestun about their superheroes.

The biggest one so far was the 5-year-old girl from Hawaii that basically said her dad was her superhero. He's deployed in the military and fighting for our country and she said that she misses him.

That was one of 70 cards Prestun has received, and a dozen packages full of superhero goodies. Most of them from people he's never met.

"I want Prestun to see the world, if I can't take him to see the world, I can at least bring it to him," his mom said.

What this soon-to-be 5-year-old might not know, is how much he's become a superhero to everyone around him.

"Thought all this that he's went through he can still smile and can still show his love and that's very touching to me to see that," his mom said.

If you would like to share your favorite superhero with Prestun, you can send cards, photos, drawings, etc here:

Prestun Seibel
PO BOX 1925
Hutchinson Kansas 67504-1925

There will also be a 5K Fun Run in Hutchinson Sept. 27. Donations will help the family pay for medical expenses and traveling to NYC for his treatments. For more information on that click here.

If you'd rather just donate, here is there fund website:

You can follow his journey on his website or his Facebook page.