(WICHITA, Kan.) -

A Wichita senior citizen comes face to face with three robbers who force their way into her apartment and hold her hostage for money.

The story could easily have ended right there.  But a thoughtful and generous Wichita Police officer wouldn't allow it.

It begins last Friday in a west Wichita neighborhood near 9th & Sheridan. The victim, "Pat", has lived in the area more than 40 years and never heard of a robbery. She told Eyewitness News her story Tuesday but was too scared to do it on camera.

Around 10:00 p.m. "Pat" heard a knock at the door. She didn't hesitate to answer, certain it was a neighbor.  Instead it was a robbery. Three thugs forced their way into her apartment. They held the 70-year-old woman down and demanded money.

Bruised and terrified, she gave them $60 cash. That's all "Pat" had in her purse. The robbers then left.

Within a couple of hours, police found and arrested three people. They also recovered her $60.  It was all her spending money for the rest of the month.  But she couldn't have it back because the cash was now evidence in a crime.

That's when a police officer assigned to Patrol West stepped up. He doesn't want any recognition and doesn't want us to use his name. But we spoke with his supervisor and we know the officer personally tried to give the woman $60.  And when she refused to take it, he left it anyway, hiding the money under a TV remote control.

"Pat" is overwhelmed by the act of generosity.   She thinks is great there are police officers in Wichita who care that much.  She calls this officer the neighborhood's new "superhero".