Nearly 2,000 Westar Energy customers were without power for several hours Saturday morning in Northwest Wichita.

The outage happened after an SUV wrecked into a power pole near 25th and Market Street. That accident sent one person to the hospital in serious condition. Police haven't said what caused the wreck.

After the power pole was hit, it broke and fell into some nearby trees catching them on fire. After a few minutes, one of the burning power lines fell to the ground and hit a gas meter. A resident who lives in the area witnessed the whole thing.

"I saw the explosion," explained Emmanuel Rocha. "There was like two explosions and it was like if you threw a flash grenade, you know the light? It looked like that."

The explosion caused the gas line to rupture. The gas company had to be called out to turn off the gas while fire crews worked to put out the fire and secure the area before any repairs were made.

"Of course we'll have to replace the pole and then the gas company had to come out and shut it off so the fire department could put out the fire," said Michael Branscum, an electric line foreman for Westar Energy.

Power was restored to all but eleven customers by 11:30 Saturday morning. Westar Energy reports it expected to have a new power pole in place by 3:00 Saturday afternoon.

Rocha said he was just happy there wasn't anyone near the meter when the explosion happened.

"It just exploded out of the floor you know," he said. "Somebody could've been walking and it could have exploded on them."