Touch-ups are free after you get your hair done by a stylist at Salon Teased. So is their advice. Especially when it comes to their personal beauty tricks, like getting the very last drop of lip gloss out of the tube.

"I would take a bobby pin and bend it and stick it down in the tube. It was difficult, but I managed to get some out," one stylist said.

It shouldn't be difficult, according to the makers of "Swoon."  The make-up tool promises to get to the bottom of any lip gloss container.  We bought a set of two for $28. That does not include shipping.

Stylist Tiffany Porter helped us with this test. She took a lip gloss container that had product left untouched and out-of-reach on the bottom. Next, she placed the "Swoon" in the container.

"It goes all the way down in it," Tiffany said.

Next, she applied the lip gloss to her lips using the "Swoon."

"It's a little difficult to apply to the top since it's not a brush, but it definitely gets enough product on there and gets to the bottom of it," Tiffany said.

Tiffany cleaned it off with a wipe and tried it in another tube that has gloss glued to the sides and bottom.

"I think it works, it's really cool," a stylist said.

So, does it work?

"I would definitely say it works pretty [well]," Tiffany said.

Tiffany changed lip gloss colors while using the swoon.  She cleaned it off before switching to the other color.  She said the previous color did not bleed into the gloss she was using.