TOPEKA, Kan. -

The Kansas Department of Children and Family (DCF) said Friday placement of foster children in TFI sponsored homes is allowed again, following a two-week suspension.

After 10-month-old Kadillak Poe-Jones died when she was left in a hot car, DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore suspended placement of children in all other homes sponsored by the same organization, TFI.

"Since this allegedly happened, we felt that we needed to see if there were any other foster parents who might have situations that needed to be reviewed," Gilmore said.

She said contractors checked every single home sponsored by TFI during the suspension, which included more than 600 homes. She said contractors met with the foster parents face-to-face and checked for many different dangers in the homes. Those included things like weapons in the right place, chemicals put away, no dangerous animals or violent family members, etc.

She said aside from minor issues that were addressed, DCF has deemed all of the homes adequate for children.

"Because those home inspections have been completed and there were not major issues found, then we feel that as much as we can know, the homes are safe," Gilmore said.

Gilmore stressed how thankful she is for all of the foster parents who were understanding and patient throughout a process she said had to happen.

"This was a necessary part of keeping children safe in the state of Kansas," Gilmore said.