It's not often you'll see the oldest Loss children without their feet on the ground, especially Charlie.

"Normally, I let him run.  I'm on permanent Charlie duty,” Caleb Loss said.

Charlie is almost three and weighs 45 pounds.  But this growing toddler still likes to be carried every now and then.  That's why we took the Piggyback Rider to Caleb and Michelle Loss' home.  The makers say it's a compact, light-weight standing child carrier for toddlers.  We bought the deluxe model on Campsaver for almost 120-dollars.  That does not include shipping.

Caleb follows the instructions, placing the carrier on his back.  At first, it's really loose.

Charlie is eager to step-on for a ride.  But he needs his safety harness.  Mom Michelle helps latch Charlie into place on Dad's back.  Then, Caleb takes-off with Charlie grinning ear to ear.

But what does Mom think?

"I can see (him) having a problem with slipping his foot off that bar," Michelle said.

Caleb says it’s not uncomfortable.

“But I really think if you're going to walk around the zoo or a place like that, it would get pretty tight, pretty fast,” Caleb said.

After a tricky dismount, Mom and Livi give it a try.  Michelle walks around with Livi standing on her back, but she doesn't want to let go of the bar supporting Livi's feet.  When they're done... another rough dismount.  Besides getting the carrier off, Michelle says it was comfortable.

"I felt the weight was actually distributed pretty well... I just think someone would need to help you get them in it and out of it,” Michelle said.

And that could be tricky if you're watching or holding onto two toddlers and little Henry.

Does it work?

"I say for what it claims, it works,” Michelle said.

The Piggyback Rider is made for toddlers two and half and up.  It can support up to 60-pounds.