A dog that was "purchased" from a Wichita pet store after the suspect opened a fraudulent charge account, has been returned.

The Yorkshire Terrier was one of two pets purchased from Petland recently. Lt. David Mattingly said the suspects stole a person's identity to apply for credit at the store, then made a purchase worth $4,400.

One of the dogs was recovered last week, after detectives discovered the financial crime during a traffic stop. Mattingly asked that anyone with information on the second dog to come forward.

The dog was returned to the store later in the week. Mattingly said the man who was arrested in the original crime gave the dog to a friend.

Charges are pending.


Local authorities continue to investigate a spike of financial crimes tied to identity theft.

Lt. David Mattingly, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office, said suspects are using information after burglaries to apply for credit at businesses.

The most recent case, Mattingly said, involved a suspect opening a charge account at Petland to purchase two Yorkshire Terriers for $2,200 each. Detectives learned about the case during a traffic stop in the 1000 block of North Market Tuesday afternoon. Mattingly said officers found evidence of financial crimes inside the vehicle, and were led to the Petland case.

One of the dogs has been recovered and returned to the store. A man was arrested on outstanding warrants, but charges are pending.

To reduce chances of becoming a victim of identity theft, Mattingly reminded residents to not keep social security cards in a wallet or purse.