Wichita police are looking for suspects involved in the theft of about $40,000 worth of equipment and tools from a Par Electric work site in south Wichita.

Officials believe the theft occurred around 3:15 Monday morning. The criminals damaged two vehicles while trying to gain access to the fenced off property and then proceeded to steal three construction generators, several 6-12 foot ground straps, and a variety of safety equipment and tools. Some of the tools were those of three Par employees. They've been listed as victims in the case.

Police aren't sure how many suspects may be involved or what they look like so they're asking for the public's help in finding out more information about any suspicious activity anyone may have noticed at the site the morning of the incident.

"We're asking for the public's help because we believe there was some time that was spent on site," said Captain Doug Nolte with the Wichita Police Department. "We hope to identify or see if anyone saw anything suspicious in the area of 402 S. Julia."

Westar Energy crews were on site Tuesday installing security cameras on the property following Monday's incident. If you have any information on this crime or any possible suspects involve, police encourage you to call 911 or Wichita Crime Stoppers at 267-2111.