On one of the hottest days in weeks, a Wichita neighborhood is looking for an air conditioner thief. Someone stole two units and a satellite dish from two homes near 25th and Hillside over the weekend. A landlord who owns several homes in the area says some pretty big items have turned up missing.

"That's where I used to live, I used to live here, 1963, we have a love for this block, the kids all grew up on this block, everybody knows me," Arthur Broyant said.

Broyant has been well-known on Estelle street for years. He now puts in countless hours of work and time into restoring some of the properties on the street.

"Its a good area, good homeowners, some are tenants, but this is a good area, everyone is working."

That's why Broyant was surprised to find two A/C units and a satellite dish missing from two different houses during his daily inspection of the vacant homes. The open back gate on one of the homes was a red flag.

Broyant said he has a good idea who is behind the thefts. He says, a stranger approached him at one of the houses and asked for the dish earlier in the week.

"He simply came up and asked for the dish and I said 'No, its going to go back on the house, it's just been renovated.'"    

Broyant said he thought nothing of it. Then a couple of days later, the dish was gone.

"It appears they crushed that line to be kept from being sprayed, then they cut it," he said.

Broyant said the thieves were smart. It seemed like a professional job. But, he said, it's not the first time he's seen something like this, and he's sure it's not the last.

"Oh it angers you, but I cant hold on to that, I have so much other stuff going I just have to move on.

Broyant said he thinks whoever took the air conditioning units and satellite had been watching the homes and knew they were vacant.

The loss totaled around $4,000. Still, he said he plans to replace all of the items, mainly, because it's pretty hard to find tenants without air conditioning.