An online national movement is popping up in Kansas, and in at least one case, is causing problems. The "Hidden Cash" movement started with a Twitter account in California. The game works with anonymous donors opening Twitter accounts and dropping hints for followers leading them to small amounts of cash.

The search is supposed to be fun and similar accounts can be found all over the world, but the person behind "@Hidden ICTCash" in Wichita says Sunday night's search may be the last.

People looking for the cash in South Wichita damaged railroad signage while looking for their treasure. Just after midnight Sunday the person behind the account tweeted this frustrated message "damage like this does not accidentally happen #lostfaith."

The person behind the account did not want to do an interview but over email they said they were thinking about suspending the account saying "the fun is quickly slipping away."

The person behind the account hasn't made up their mind just yet and says we'll have to keep checking @HiddenICTCash Twitter to see what he or she decides.