Police are investigating armed robberies at three Wichita fast food chains Friday night.

Just before 9:00pm police were called to the Kentucky Fried Chicken in the 1200 block of south Woodlawn. There an employee says a suspect came into a store armed with a black revolver and demanded money from a safe. None of the employees had the combination. The suspect ended up leaving without getting any money. He has not been found.

Just before 10:00pm police were called to the 6100 block of east 21st street. An employee of the Subway restaurant was closing down the store when a man approached him wearing a green hoodie, black jacket and a camo-facemask. The suspect was armed with a small black handgun. He pointed  the gun at the employee and demanded him to open the safe. The suspect got away with an unknown amount of money, he has not been found.

Finally, just before 11:00pm at the Burger King in the 200 block of south rock road, three suspects entered the store wearing stocking caps. They demanded an employee to open a safe, holding the employee at gunpoint with a black semi-automatic pistol. They got away with an unknown amount of cash and ran away. They too have not been located.