A toddler is recovering after she was accidentally shot in the head with a taser probe.

It happened in the 2600 block of North Paradise Court around 3:20 p.m. Tuesday.

Police are still sorting out what happened.  According to the police report, the girl's 4-year-old sister accidentally fired the weapon.

One of the probes lodged into the 2-year-old girl's forehead and shocked her.

The toddler was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. The child remains hospitalized in fair condition.

Police said there was an adult in the home at the time. The case is being classified as a home accident.

Lt. Dan East, Wichita Police, said even though the stun gun is not an actual gun, it is still a weapon.

"Make sure things are stored safely," he said.

Eyewitness News talked with a pediatrician to see what kinds of affects this might have on a child.

Dr. Amy Seery with Via Christi said there's still not a lot of research on the matter, but there's a call for more because more stun guns are in homes around the country.

"We would hope that that wouldn’t cause lasting brain damage, but we don’t know," she said. "The bigger concern is if you stun the heart, the heart isn’t suppose to be given that much electricity, you could send them into an abnormal rhythm and that could be life threatening.

She also noted the fact that a child's skin is so much thinner than an adult, therefor it transmits electricity much quicker.

"When you think about a charge like that coursing through a 2 year old, I mean this is dramatic," she said. Dr. Seery said the child was probably saved by several factors. One being both probes did not attaching, meaning the full electrical shock did not occur. The second being the probe did not hit close to the child's heart, which is the biggest concern when talking about electricity.

She said this is a good time for parents to remember the dangers of all weapons and dangerous items. Not only should they be kept out of reach of children, they should also be kept in lock boxes.