ELMO, Kan. -

The town of Elmo isn’t what you’d call big. With less than 20 people, the unincorporated town near Highways K-4 and K-15 in Dickinson County is easy to miss.

For the past few years, Elmo hasn’t had a sign announcing the town.  Residents say it’s unclear exactly what happened to their old signs, but they wanted a way to let people know they were there.

“You go to town and buy something and have it delivered, they end up in Hope, looking for you,” resident Linda Donnelly said.

A few residents pooled together some money to make white signs that announced the town. They put a picture of the character Elmo on it.

“The Elmo doll is adorable and since it was called Elmo, we just thought it would be kind of cute to have Elmo wave at people when they go by,” Donnelly said.

It’s been about three weeks and, so far, the two signs still stand.