A civil trial is underway for a Wichita woman who was run over by a Daytona Beach patrol truck while vacationing in Florida in 2011.

Erin Joynt. 36, was injured when a life guard ran over Joynt while she was sunbathing.  Investigators said the life guard was attempting to make a u-turn when the front right tire ran over her.

Joynt suffered from permanent brain damage, facial paralysis, hearing loss, among other injuries. WKMG reports Joynt filed a civil suit against Volusia County for damages.

In opening statements Tuesday, her attorney John Phillips told a six-person jury his client's injuries were painful, permanent and the losses altered her daily life.

Larry Smith, who is representing Volusia County, said Joynt went to school, graduated, worked and traveled months after the accident.

The jury will decide how much money Joynt should receive. The trial should be wrapped up by the end of the week.