WICHITA, Kan., -

Police scanner traffic from a triple murder call in Southeast Wichita Tuesday tells the story of what first responders first dealt with that night.

Sean and Trinh Pham were killed that night along with 45-year old Tuyet Huynh.

Investigators say Trinh Pham called 911 before she died.

The scanner traffic gives you an idea of what emergency dispatchers deal with everyday.

"135 we have 2 code blue, suspect may be in custody but we still have basement." That is what a Wichita Police officer said to dispatchers just after he got inside the home on South Beech.

It was an active shooter situation, a victim called 911 from the basement to report the shooting, and then we heard this on the scanner.

"Just heard more shots inside of the house and the calling party is no longer answering."

Dispatchers would later learn, that victim died, but in their world calls like this come with the territory.

"They say that one percent of the population has the attitude and the aptitude to be a 911 dispatcher," said Director of Emergency Communications Kim Pennington.

While they train to stay calm in emergency situations, dispatchers are human too and some calls can be more difficult to deal with than others.

"Depending on how horrific a call is, there are times when you hang up that ok I need to decompress or I need to talk to somebody," Pennington said. "In those situation we have what we call a quiet room, and it's a room that you can just go into and collect your thoughts."

If more help is needed, Critical Incident Stress Management professionals are brought in.

It's not an easy job, which is why each dispatcher is discouraged from signing up before they start.

"We have them come into a meeting and try to talk them out of becoming a dispatcher. We tell them the good, the bad the ugly," Pennington said. "We have them listen to a couple of tough calls to say this is our reality."

Officers arrested Vinh Nguyen in the case. He is expected to make his first appearance in court later this week. Wichita police say they'll present their case to the District Attorney's office Thursday morning.