The turkey is a classic part of the Thanksgiving experience.

But it can also be dangerous.

More and more people are deep-frying the bird these days. And that can cause real problems if it's not done properly.

It's especially dangerous if the turkey is not totally thawed, as the melting ice hits the hot oil.

The Wichita Fire Department warns you there are a couple of other dangers that come from turkey fryers.

Fire Marshall Brad Crisp says, "One, they're not super stable, there's always a chance that it turns over, spills out and you have running grease...hot grease that's on fire, and that's bad. But there's also the ability of people to accidentally overfill their turkey fryer."

Crisp says it's a bad idea to use a turkey fryer inside a garage, or even on an outdoor deck.

And if there is any problem, call 9-1-1.