Update:  Wichita police say an incident at the Flying Pig Boutique in E. Wichita Thursday afternoon was a case of domestic violence.

Police tell us a 40-year-old man came into the store looking for two people, a 46-year-old man and his girlfriend.  He shot the 46-year-old in the leg, then shot himself in the head.

The victim is in stable condition.  The gunman is listed in critical condition.

Police tell us the gunman is the woman's ex-boyfriend.  The woman works at the boutique. 

Seven people were in the business at the time of the incident. No one else was hurt.


Two people are in critical condition following a shooting at Wichita business.

The shooting occurred at The Flying Pig Boutique, 2600 E. Douglas. There were customers in the store, which is across the street from East High School.

According to Wichita police, a man went into store with a shot gun. He asked several people where a female employee was. He then confronted another man in the store, shot that man in the leg and shot himself in the head.

Both men are headed to the Wesley Medical Center for treatment.  The suspect was taken in with critical head injuries.

The woman the shooter was looking for was not in the store.

Police say they do believe this is a domestic violence situation. Police say the shooter is an ex-boyfriend of an employee, and the victim is the current boyfriend. They say that the woman  the shooter was asking for was not on scene.

"We believe this may be domestic violence related. We're still doing some follow-up right now but we believe this was a situation where a current boyfriend and a boyfriend had a confrontation," said Captain Hassan Ramzah, Wichita Police.

Investigators say no one else is in danger. They have questioned several people at the scene but have taken others downtown to Police Headquarters for further questioning.