A high speed chase ended near 9th and Grove Tuesday morning and sent two people to the hospital.

Troopers said they pulled over the driver of a white car around 11:30 Tuesday morning on the interstate. Lt. Andrew Lieber said the driver was in a stolen car and sped off at some point during the stop.

"He went down the 9th street exit and less than a mile from there he hit a gold Cadillac going west," Lieber said.

Makeba Shaw's dad was inside that Cadillac. She arrived at the scene to collect her dad's personal items and was shocked when she saw the damage on her dad's car.

"He is truly lucky. He could have been killed. That fact that he wasn't, that was God, that was all God," Shaw said.

Shaw's dad and the driver involved in the chase both went to the hospital, at last check troopers say both men are in good condition.

Lt. Lieber says the chase lasted less than thirty seconds and there wasn't time to decide whether to call it off.

"The distance from the traffic stop to where the car crashed is less than a mile," Lieber said.

Troopers say the man who was driving the white car was in his 20s and could face multiple charges in the days ahead.