The United Way released numbers after it held its yearly "Point in Time" homeless count with an event at Century II, in January.

The count is designed to give the Wichita area an idea of just how many people are homeless on a given night. The results show a 17.3% increase in homelessness in Sedgwick County.

Delane Butler, Vice President of Marketing at United Way, says the survey represents a snapshot of homelessness on one specific night.

It found that an estimated 631 people in Sedgwick County experienced "literal homelessness." The same event recorded 538 in 2013, showing over a 17% increase.

It also broke the numbers down between veterans and civilians. The number of homeless veterans increased from 56 to 62 from last year to this year.

The event included a fair that offered support services for the homeless and their families. Programs such as these help to determine the size and scope of the homeless problem at a local level. The United Way says it helps to address individual programs and funding as needed throughout the country.