The United States Air Force has announced a final decision to base the new KC-46A tankers at McConnell Air Force Base.

The news follows a lengthy environmental impact review. McConnell passed the study last month, part of a federal law before an aircraft is assigned to a base.

The report looks at factors like noise, land use, and water effects on the area.

Kansas lawmakers applauded the Tuesday announcement, saying the news will be an economic benefit for the Air Capital. Carl Brewer, Wichita Mayor, said the next generation tankers are expected to bring a $619 million impact to the area.

"This is fantastic news for an outstanding facility staffed by even more outstanding airmen," U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, said.

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, said McConnell is, and will continue to be the nation's super tanker base.

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, said Wichita is the perfect home for the new mission.

"The men and women who will operate and maintain the KC-46A at McConnell are part of a community of unwavering support for their critical mission and a deep understanding of the support their families and loved ones need back home," Roberts said.

The base will begin receiving 36 new tankers in 2016 and is budgeted to receive $219 million in improvements to prepare for the new mission.