We're almost a full year into KanCare, the state's new Medicaid system. Today, lawmakers got an update on its progress.

A legislative oversight committee heard from state agencies, the insurance department and other advocacy groups about the status of the KanCare system.

Finn Bullers is one speaker who stood out at today's hearing. He has Muscular Dystrophy. He has been fighting the state to keep his around-the-clock, in-home care.

Bullers said when the state moved to KanCare, it assigned most of the state's Medicaid recipients to one of three "managed care organizations." His MCO wants to reduce his level of care.

"If the state rules against me," Bullers said, "they will back bill me for the cost of the difference between the two levels of care - which can be tens of thousands of dollars that I simply don't have."

In January, intellectual and development disability services rolls into Kan Care.

Kansas lawmakers also got an update on the state's health insurance marketplace. The state insurance department says its agency is working with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas to provide guidance for continuing coverage for some 10,000 policies. These policies were previously cancelled because they wouldn't have conformed to the Federal Health Care Law.